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The world was horrified when photos and news footage revealed that Syrian President Bashar Assad had once again committed the atrocity of using chemical weapons against his own people. The most horrifying images were those of children who died as a direct result of the attack. President Trump declared, “no child of God should ever suffer such horror”. The American people overwhelmingly agreed with this statement.


There was significant irony to Trump’s statement, given that Syrian refugee children were turned away, not to mention that children over the world will be seriously harmed by our President’s proposed budget cuts. One such cut proposes to cut off food aid for millions of children in some of the world’s poorest places, including school meals. This includes programs which provide free or reduced-price school lunches for kids in the U.S.


After-school programs which primarily impact poor children are also on the chopping block. These initiatives help bolster academic performance, enhance social skills, provide a safe environment, and are a lifesaver for working parents. And, the American Federation of Teachers proclaimed that Betsy Devos and the Trump administration are aiming to “put the meat cleaver” to public education.”


The Trump budget proposes to cut federal programs to assist poor families to pay their heating bills and to provide less funding for public housing. These cuts will undoubtedly impact children across the country.


And most importantly, the Trump administration supported the Republican health care plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. It was widely acknowledged that this plan would have meant that over 24 million people would have lost their health insurance, again, having a significant impact on children. They are still bound and determined to find a way to obliterate Obamacare.


Should the American people be shocked and outraged by the atrocities being committed in Syria? Absolutely, and the hope is that there will be an international coalition to put an end to these horrors, and to remove Assad from office. But we should also be incensed by the proposed budget cuts that will cause our nation’s children to go hungry, have no heat in their homes, and be unable to receive life-saving medical care.


Let’s shorten Trump’s message to “no child of God should ever suffer”, regardless of whether they are living in Syria, or any other country in the world. Trump’s proposed budget is a moral document; let’s hope that there will be pressure to provide aid and hope to our country’s children, as well as those who suffer unnecessarily around the world.

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