It is my belief that a women’s personal health decisions should be made by a woman, with counsel from family, friends, doctor, and clergy. I do not believe this is an issue that should be legislated by either our federal or state government. With the great possibility that Roe v. Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court, the state legislature will have a key role to play in ensuring that women have access to safe and legal abortion.

Women need access to affordable healthcare, including reproductive health care. It is imperative that we ensure the viability of Planned Parenthood, which provides quality healthcare to women throughout New Hampshire.

Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire does much more than to offer women with counseling and options for the termination of a pregnancy.  Planned Parenthood provides high quality, affordable health-care, birth control, LGBT care, pregnancy testing, and services, along with general healthcare for both men and women.  These are vital services that must be protected nationally and in NH.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, on the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, stated, “We will not be dragged backward.  We cannot allow extreme ideology to triumph over the urgent, practical needs of women and families across the world.

As a state legislator, I will continue to speak out to support women’s reproductive rights, and to vote for legislation that will not take women back in time.