There are many people in New Hampshire who are unaware that a radical right wing faction is in full control of the state legislature.  State Majority Leader Jason Osborne is an unabashed Free State Project Member, and nearly half of the House Committee chairs affiliate with this group.

The Free State Project began in 2003 as an experiment, with the goal of attracting 20,000 people to New Hampshire. The goal was to begin to populate state offices in small towns, and over time to elect these individuals to the state house.  It is estimated that over 6,000 people have moved to New Hampshire to follow the ideals of the Free State Project, which is to reduce the role of government at all levels, and to expand individual rights and free markets.

This is a group that has caused considerable damage to New Hampshire ideals as we know them over the past two years.

The state “Freedom Vouchers” whereby taxpayers pay for private and religious education at the expense of public schools was the brainchild of the radical right.  The “Divisive Concepts” bill, which prohibits the teaching of racism and sexism in America was also part of their handiwork.  The radical right also played an important role in passing more restricting abortion laws in NH, with the promise of more to come.

I have been and will continue to be a voice against this political movement in my role as a state legislator and as a citizen of the state of NH.