The median earnings for workers in Carroll County are the lowest in the state of New Hampshire, as is the median household income. The average weekly wage in our county is $677,  which is barely a living wage.  Many residents in our community are working two or three jobs just to keep their heads above water, with no relief in sight.


Strong community college programs help ensure that our state has skilled workers trained for the jobs of the future.They provide a pathway for those seeking better jobs when coupled with affordable or free tuition. 65% of the jobs in New Hampshire will require post-secondary education bu 2025, and we need to step up to the plate to help our workers get the necessary training.

The Community College System of New Hampshire is doing an excellent job of providing innovative education, partnering with businesses in our community to train workers for the jobs of the future.  White Mountain Community College President Chuck Lloyd is doing an excellent job of reaching out to employers in our area with the goal of providing affordable training and education to individuals who want a better future. More businesses need to do so to offer advancement to their employees.

Inequality in income is significantly tied to educational levels.  In order to change this, we need to ensure relevant and affordable education, at both the community college and university levels.