I am a firm supporter of universal background checks that will not only apply to licensed gun dealers, but to the private sale of guns.  I am also a supporter of Red Flag laws, which enable family, friends and law enforcement officials to ask the courts to provide restrictions on the use of firearms when there are warning signs of violence.

I am saddened that so many children in our community are now frightened to go to school, but do not believe that arming teachers is the answer.  Local communities should be empowered to make important decisions about school safety, that could include greater surveillance and hiring professional security personnel.

I am in favor of a ban on military semi-automatic weapons, which I do not believe have a place in in the hands of private citizens.

Finally, I am in favor of a 48-hour waiting period for individuals applying to purchase a gun because of a large number of suicides that have been attributed to guns.  The Department of Justice reports that over 60% of gun deaths are by suicide, and the waiting period could serve to significantly lower this rate.