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I read with interest the letter to the editor regarding campaign fundraising by Erik Corbett, who I am running against in the primary on September 11th to represent Jackson/Bartlett and Hart’s Location.

Mr. Chandler, who has held this seat for 37 years, has raised $29,000 for this election cycle.  I agree that this amount of money should not be needed to run a campaign for the NH State House; however, this is no ordinary race and is one of the most significant and watched contests in the NH legislature.

Democrats have lost this seat in 18 elections spanning over 36 years.    Clearly, a  strategy of running a campaign with inadequate funding has not been successful.

I make no apologies for raising campaign funds.  I will continue to accept $20.18 checks from everyday citizens concerned about partisan politics and  ‘business as usual’ in the NH House.  I am accepting no PAC or corporate funding, and the lion’s share of my donations are from local citizens who want to see real change in Concord. Contrary to the editorial by Mr. Corbett, grassroots support by ordinary citizens has nothing to do with the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision which pertained to corporate super-PACs.   There is NO easy road to victory with or without financial support. Politics has always been about concerned citizens investing in the kind of leadership they feel they deserve and this election will provide a stark contrast in leadership styles that the members of our communities must choose between.

And yes, we will need funding in order to win this seat and secure meaningful change.  Candidates up and down the ballot are demonstrating their ability to garner support by asking citizens to donate to their campaigns. These are skills that will serve them well in office when they will need to ask legislators and citizens to support critical legislation.    I ask for your support to bring true representation to a legislature that was created to secure representation for all and not just for the partisan few.


Footnote, setting the facts straight:  42% of my donations are under $25, 53% under $50, and 71% under $100. No PAC or Corporate dollars. I would categorize this as a grassroots campaign!

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