Why I am running for re-election to the New Hampshire State House in 2022

To say that serving in the NH Legislature this term has been challenging would be an understatement. A right wing group is firmly in control of the legislature, helping to pass legislation that is not aligned with traditional Granite State values.  They presented a bill to have NH succeed from the union, and passed legislation that would enable students to attend private school on the taxpayer’s dime.  And teachers are now in fear of legal action for teaching so called divisive concepts in our schools. This does not represent traditional NH values, and I fear that more damage will be done as we wind our way through this legislative session.

My first committee assignment in the House was on the Judiciary Committee, where I was fortunate to have served under the leadership of Representative Marjorie Smith.  Margie has been a friend and mentor, who taught all of us on the committee that in that room, we are not Republicans or Democrats, we are legislators working for all of the people of New Hampshire.  My experience on the Commerce Committee has been a radically different experience, as many of the committee members align with the Free State movement.  They support deregulation of all aspects of commerce, often at the expense of consumers and the greater public good.

In the state house, I always vote on bills with my constituents from the Mt Washington Valley community in mind.

I believe that I have been a forceful advocate for my constituents, available to help on a wide range of issues ranging from health care, professional licensing, cryptocurrency, environmental protections and women’s reproductive rights.

I hope you will support me in my bid for re-election in 2022, to allow me to continue this important work.


My life started in a dramatic fashion when a small aircraft crashed into the building where my family lived with my grandparents.  My parents did not have much money, and were lucky to have family that could help us financially.  My grandparents worked hard in their poultry market and always saved enough to be available to help anyone in need.  My parents followed suit with this tradition and were always there as a safety net for others.  The value of being there to help others has stuck with me, and one of the reasons I am running is to ensure that citizens in New Hampshire have a safety net to support them.

I was raised in New Jersey by two parents who worked incredibly hard in a small jewelry manufacturing business to take care of our family. My dad often worked six or seven days a week; during his busy season, it was not unusual for him to sleep in his office. My mom worked equally hard, playing a key role in managing the business. I was thankful to have grandparents who lived with us in a two family house; they were able to care for me when my parents were working.

I met my husband Jonathan on a daytime talk show hosted by Tom Bergeron of Dancing with the Stars almost 30 years ago. It’s a long story, but we have been together ever since that fateful meeting. Many of you have met Jon in Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, where he worked as the Medical Director. My two stepchildren, Seth and Serena were young when our lives intersected, and are now adults living in Brooklyn and Anchorage Alaska. We are now blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law, Elli, and two beautiful grandchildren, Aris and Nikki.  I love being a Nana and seeing the world from a small child’s perspective.

Anita Burroughs & Cory Booker


Straight out of college, I worked as a social worker for a drug treatment program for young adults in Quincy Massachusetts.

After receiving my MBA from Boston College, I worked in the high-tech industry for twenty years in marketing, for Digital Equipment Corporation and other smaller computer companies. Upon moving to Bartlett, I ran an online jewelry company, and then created a successful personal chef and catering company, The Everyday Gourmet; I still get calls asking me to cater events.

Besides my work as a legislator, I work in the national healthcare consulting business founded by my husband Jonathan.  I manage operations and the financials.  I am proud of the work that Burroughs Healthcare does to assist hospitals throughout the U.S. and beyond.


I have been active in the Mt. Washington Valley since moving here with my husband 30 years ago.  Here is a summary of my work in the community:

  • Founding board member, Conway Area Humane Society
  • Served as Conway Area Humane Society board chair for seven years, serving on the board for eleven years
  • I was on the board of directors for Starting Point; Services for the Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence for five years.
  • I served as Starting Point’s Chair of the Board of Directors for three years
  • I was the chair of Starting Point’s annual fundraiser, Boots ‘n Bling, managing several of the most successful auctions in the agency’s history
  • My husband and I fostered over 20 Brittany Spaniels for a rescue organization, adopting two of them.  We currently have one very well-behaved rescue dog, and two poorly behaved rescued cats.
  • I served three years on the Bartlett Zoning Board of Appeals