It's time to move past partisan politics.

New Hampshire's state representatives need to sit at the table together and work for the people of the Granite State, not for one political party.

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New Hampshire  faces a number of challenges that need to be addressed in Concord that impact us in Jackson and Bartlett.
Ensuring that our citizens have access to healthcare is key, as is protecting our environment that draws millions of visitors each year.
Many people in our area are struggling to survive, working three jobs in order to pay the rent and take care of their families.
Access to education is needed to enable these individuals to find better paying jobs.  And we must find a way to address the opioid crisis that has enveloped our state.

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Have a question or want to get involved with other citizens in Bartlett/Jackson who are looking for a change in New Hampshire government?  Help us organize forums on topics of interest, and arrange for Anita to meet with your friends and neighbors.  There are lots of ways you can help.

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Local politics matter. We can influence our state legislature in a big way in 2018.  New Hampshire has already flipped four red seats to blue.  We can do it right here in Jackson/Bartlett in 2018.

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