Anita Burroughs

Anita Burroughs
New Hampshire State Representative

Jackson, Bartlett, Hart's Location, Chatham,
Sandwich, Albany and Hale's Location

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It's time to move past partisan politics.

Anita is running for a third term for New Hampshire State Representative.  She has filed to represent Carroll 2, which includes the towns of Bartlett, Jackson, Hart’s Location, Sandwich, Albany, Chatham, and Hale’s Location.

Anita is a strong supporter of women’s reproductive rights, common sense gun safety that protects the constitutional rights of gun owners, clean energy policies, and advocates for a strong statewide educational system.  She has also voted for affordable housing initiatives, and to ensure that state workers have a livable wage.

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Anita Burroughs has worked to keep her constituents informed about issues of importance to the people of Jackson, Bartlett and Hart’s Location.  She regularly meets with citizens of the communities in which she serves and has been effective in providing constituent services to those trying to navigate the state system.


She is not a legislator who simply shows up when it’s time to vote.  She has written legislation impacting affordable housing, campaign finance and animal welfare, and will continue to work on issues of concern to people in her district.  Anita is an active participant on the Commerce Committee, working to on legislation that impacts healthcare insurance, small business regulation, cryptocurrency, and working mothers.

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State politics matter and have an impact on what is happening in our community. Do you have a question about specific legislation or need help in navigating the state system?

Local politics matter. We can influence our state legislature in a big way in 2022.  I am running to represent a new district, Carroll 2, which includes Jackson, Bartlett, Hart’s Location, Sandwich, Albany, Chatham and Hale’s Location.

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